I didn't understand what this message means

when i clicked to ‘client’ this message appears :

“the object ‘from 21 fiche client’ must be compiled before it can be run”

then, when i compiled the object, this message appears:

"A maximum of 7 parameters must be used when calling the function. for example:

My func(…,…,…)



thank you.

Welcome to DUG.

It means that someone added/deleted a parameter from an existing function but didn’t not fixed it in all places where the function is called.

You need to add or delete a parameter based on the changes done…

haw can i know this parameters for adding or deleting??


thank you for aswer.[:)]

When you compile the NAV will take you to the place where the error is.

You can check which function it is and which object.

you can go and check how many parameters are declared for that function and how many parameters are you passing now.

hope it is clear to you.

thank you mohana it’s resolved.

Good to here.