i can't see chinis character

Hi ,

Dear all i m working in India and i have 1 company who is using china server and they are entring data in chinis characters.

but i can’t able to see that character from Indian , when i am useing the same server.

and the second problem is that , that person when copy that data from Navision 2.6 to excel file it can change into encripeted character it is not in proper manner. all english characters are in proper manner only chinis characters past in different.

i hope you pepple will help me .

Thanks and Regards,

Kishor K Bhatt


You need to enter Chinese language in “Regional and Languages Option” in your system.

or within Navision try following:

Tools>> Languages , and check if chinese language is listed there ?

Hi Mr.Bansal,

Thanks for your sug.

i have checked these two possibleties. both things are there.

Chinis langauge is in Regional and LangaugeOpetion and in Navision also.

Is there any other possiblities ??

Actual problem is that user can’t past same character in excel when he copy any chinis character row and past in excel fime character is changed in aonother formate.

I have already reinstall Microsoft office also but problem is still there.


Kishor K Bhatt

Hi Kishore,

Try by selecting Chinese as language in your Navision, and then you should be atleast able to see the chinese characters.

If not, then solution will be perhaps to have OS in chinese language. :slight_smile:

Hello Sir,

I have already checked it is set but after that i can’t.

Actualy the problem is facing one of my client when he open Navision he can see chinis character in proper manner but when he past it in excel file character is change not chinis.

So can you give me any idea , what problem could be there ?

I have reinstalled Microsoft office and check but the problem is still there.

Thanks & Regards,

Kishor Bhatt


Try “Paste Special” from Edit menu, not simply Ctr+V (or “Paste”), and select “Text” from dialog which appears - bu default Excel tries to paste as “Unicode text”, but copied from Navision is NOT Unicode…