I can't find DP class and TmpTable ?

Hi everyone,

I have to modify one Query - VendDueReportDetail_NA. The report is in /Accounts payable/Reports/Status/Vendor detailed due day list.

First I want to add new field in Tmp table and after change X++ code in DP class.

I’m trying to find VendDueReportDetail_NADS (I think this is the table), but I can’t find it.If there is no class where I can find to implement the logic.

Thank you :slight_smile:

It is a query based report (no RDP/temp table).Look at the query VendDueReportDetail_NA


First - Its a query based report, so its a good thing that any changes if required is to be done to the Query - VendDueReportDetail_NADS.
Second - Go to the above query, see the datasource, add/modify according to your requirement, use the field in query and then you will be able to use those on a report.