i cannot take full backup to sql server 2005 database until today because permission proplem

I have sql server 2005 connected to dynamic navision i try to take full backup today from sql but it display it doesnot have any permission to create backup and also i dont have sa user password and i cannot see data and i dont have any permission to create another user have admin rights and i canot see tables and data in database.last full backup 12/02/2010 and when i open navision it display data until today(06/08/2012 ) how i take full back up to sql database until today 06/08/2012 although there are permission in database sql server 2005 that display data in navision


Full backups are usually taken every day (and if they are not they should) and stored in a network folder. Ask your DBA if you can have a copy of the latest backup.

I dont know system administrator because i come to this place and not found system admin i ask about solutions can make to solve the proplem

The solution is to find the person at the company who can assign you the right permissions, not to figure out a work around.

if you are it man you must found solution .really i come to this place and i dont know who this person

Ask your boss. If your boss doesn’t know, ask the guy that gave you your computer. If that person doesn’t know, ask the guy in accounting. If they don’t know, ask the director. Walk around the building and ask where can find the system admin. Everyone uses a computer, and everyone that has ever had a computer problem knows where to find the IT guy. The IT guy will know where to find the system admin.

You can’t seriously expect US to know where YOU can find YOUR system admin.

Check you user id rights

You can take backup from Navision too…