I am not being able to create a Delivery Schedule for a Sales Order.


Is there any setup required for enabling delivery schedule for a company or for a customer or an item?

I am not being able to create a delivery schedule for a sales order.

I am using Ax 2012 R2 instance.

Please suggest a solution.

The sales order line has to meet some condition for delivery schedule,

  1. Line Status = Open Order

  2. No negative quantity

  3. Should not have any reference to the other modules.

  4. should not be a project related sales order

  5. should not have been reserved

The above are some of the criteria s that are to be satisfied.

  1. If the Document status is none/confirmed then the sales order line should not have a reference to any output order and it should not have been physically or financially updated.

Hi Kranthi,

Can you please tell me how i can enable or disable the delivery schedule for a line in a sales order?