I am new to Navision software, any suggestions on this


I recently got a job as accounts payable associate, software they using Navision 4.0

Actually this is new to me. I have an experience in ACCPAC and Great Plains which I used in my previous jobs.

I am new to Navision software, any suggestions on this.


Can we get more details what you want to know?


I have two suggestions:

  1. Read user manuals and you will understand almost everything.

  2. Do not afraid ask questions if you do not understand something.

There are a lot of people interested in the differences between the apps. Not many people really know the differences.

I’ve heard that GP has a very strong accounting module, so I am very curious about your experiences with NAV at this point.

I met a GP mvp at TechEd last week who is intersted at looking at NAV. Maybe I can get you in contact with him so you can workout the differences together and keep us informed.

This is my two words on the topic:

Navision developed as very structured, integrated and very generic solution that very easy to modify and tailor to specific customer needs.

GP developed as GL system with multiple add-ons. (GP was buying different solutions from different solution centers)

As result: if you can find Vertical solution tailored to your type of business you can pick any system (not only Navision, GP, Solomon, Axapta, MAS90, SAP…). It is always better to find Vertical.

If you can not – go with Navision (i mean between Navision and GP - i do not know other systems).