Hyperlinking to Folders in 2009 R2

I am trying to make a hyperlink to Explorer folders in NAV 2009 R2.

I’ve tried using HYPERLINK, and even following this thread:


But I keep getting “Invalid hyperlink”

It seems like 2009 R2 locked down the links a bit, MS only lets you link to certain things it seems. I’ve tried all sorts of different things, from just typing “C:/Folder” to “File://C:/Folder” and so on, but it keeps saying the link is invalid.

Anyone successfully gotten folder hyperlinks to work in 2009 R2?

Hi Danny,

Exactly what are you trying to accomplish?

In NAV 2009 the HYPERLINK function only supports the protocols and file types displayed here on MSDN. Folders are not one of the allowed types. But maybe there is a workaround.

What we’re trying to accomplish is to have an action button that opens an Explorer folder in Windows Explorer.

I know it’s not supported, which is why I’m running into issues. But a workaround would be great [;)]

How about using the “common dialog” (codeunit 412) then?