HI, I’m using HYPERLINK to launch tif files. If we use it like this: HYPERLINK(‘g:\saveddocuments\2542214-02.tif’); It works fine and kodak imaging is run. If we don’t know how the user has mapped the above directory and could very well have it on the j: drive we wish to execute HYPERLINK using a format below assigning the server: HYPERLINK(’\nts8\jecnsc\saveddocuments\2542214-02.tif’); This does not work. Any ideas ? Thanks

Hi Robin, If Navision does not see a drive letter in the first position of the string, Navision will automatically think of the hyperlink a an internet link. Navision then adds a ‘http://’. Therefore, you must specify that your target is a ‘file-target’ by adding a ‘file:’. Your code will be: HYPERLINK(‘file:\nts8\jecnsc\saveddocuments\2542214-02.tif’); Good luck, Bartel W. de Leeuw

Hi Bartel, Many Thanks. Tried it and it works fine. Robin