HYPERLINK to file alternative

Hello all,

I have recently started to work with NAV2018/BC/AL and already bumped into this issue, for which I have found no solution. Therefore I’m posting this issue, hoping that someone in this forum have found a solution or a workaruond. Please refer to the attached code example (NAV2017). This is used for logging purpose of API activities and to view the request and respond xml document. I would need a similar function to implement in NAV2018, using extensions 2.0…

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2018-09-04 13_50_41-mRemoteNG - confCons.xml - RDP Cibes HK.png

Hi Örjan,

And what is your question?

And which version is it about? NAV 2018 or BC? On-premise or hosted?

Hello Erik,
Thank You for feedback! As the attached code allows viewing an xml-file (or just any other textfile) using a browser which access a (normal) file thru the HYPERLINK “pointer”, I would need to replace this with a similar function, to view text, which does not rely on a file, since files are not supported in BC (hosted)…

Sorry, I’s a BC (hosted)…