Hyperlink on CustTableListPage

Is it possible to change a column on the custTableListPage form grid to be a hyperlink to open a web address.

I’ve used the jumpref method on fields in other forms to open a webpage linking them to a URL outside of AX using the infolog.urllookup() method and would like to do the same thing here, but being a ListPage doesn’t allow me to override methods on the grid.

I’ve also tried following this from another site:

“We need to allow overriding of methods on fields on the form (which by default is not allowed on Forms of FormTemplate: ListPage). Navigate to the AOT –> Forms –> EcoResProductPerCompanyListPage –> Designs –> Design –> Group:Filter –> Properties –> Display Target and select “Client”. Note this means that the filters will only be visible in the AX client and not via EP. This will also allow us to actually override the “modified” method on the filter form. Ensure that the filter is Visible, DisplayTarget is set to Client and the Caption, FrameOptionButton and OptionValue can be set as needed/desired.”

This opened up the override method options, but it still didn’t work as desired…I could not get the grid column to display as a hyperlink on the grid.

In specific terms:

  1. I added a field to the custTable. Let’s call it custTable.myRecID.

  2. I added custTable.myRecID to the grid on the CustTableListPage form to display next to the customer account number.

  3. I now want to be able to click on any of the values for myRecID on the grid and open another company url passing in the value from that field, which I would just concatenate and then use the urlLookup method similar to as follows.

public void jumpref()


str mylink;

mylink = “www.companywebsite.com/” + custTable.myRecID;




Can anyone tell me how to get this to work on a listPage or give me a workaround?


Sorry, in my example it should read “infolog.urlLookup(mylink)” …not weblink. My fingers weren’t cooperating with my brain.

This is not a best solution but if you turely want,

create a add-on table for “myRecID” and set the new table’s FromRef to a new Form which can display the urlPage.

After all add the relations of the “myRecID”'s extend data type to reference to the new Table.