I just happened to be working in a single user database and thought I’d try that out, and indeed, I get the message: --------------------------- Microsoft Dynamics NAV --------------------------- The following ODBC error occurred: Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Database is invalid or cannot be accessed State ID: HY024

Daniel Rimmelzwaan
RIS Plus - MVP


Exact my problem just now. I cant get access to the database in Management Studio either.

What shall I do?

It is in fact a SQL Server setting.

If you can’t get access thru SSMS and noone is running NAV at that time, that means this single user is NAV middle tier (NAV Server) - stop the service for a moment, then for sure you will be able to connect thru SMMS and change the DB to MULTI_USER.

Database / Properties / Options and scroll to Restrict Acess

However, that’s strange you are not allowed to do it while the NAV Server is running…