Hurray, it works in test. Now what?

You all were so helpful with my last question, that now I’m coming back for more. You know what they say about feeding a hungry dog. . . [:D]

So we have our test database humming along nicely and we want to go ahead and move it to production. This is a Brazil implementation, so there are a good deal of configurations that we had to do, many for tax purposes. We want to move all the code and configurations to production, but our consultant says that is a difficult process. When I say configurations, I’m talking about items, customers, tax groups, suppliers, import/export groups, etc. Seems to me that this shouldn’t be so tough, but then again, I’m no NAV expert. Would you give me insight into how you would go about making this move from test to production? If you need any more information, let me know.

NAV 5.0 on SQL Server

I appreciate your help in advance.


Hi Adam,

Different firms do this different ways. I way I prefer is to copy the test enviornment into the production and purge the transactional data. I use the RIM tool (Rapid Implemnetation Method) which has a data cleanse codeunit in it. This does not do a full cleanse of the data so needs to be modified. A database test is vital afterwards. As you seem to know test,test,test and test again [:D]