HTML & Faxes

Has anyone ever created a report that will either Fax or Emailed a HTML automatically? Email will used MS Office Outlook and I do not know what Fax software client is using.

Maybe an idea to your fax solution we have used ZETAFAX to send a fax automatically out of navision there you can use an “special” printer driver the only thing is not set parameter(simple API Interface) at the begin an end of the report and the driver send it to the server which automatically take print or fax it works also with e-mail but the problem is to set the e-mail adress but i don’t spend much time in it - maybe it works :slight_smile: it works with an API Interface of the printer Driver(really easy) you have paramter like telephonnr. and so on Gayer Rene Projektmanagment NAVIConsult AG

Instead of e-mailing or faxing a report from Fin directly you could create a WinWord document using automation technology. From this point it is up to WinWord whether to print, fax or mail the document. WinWord documents I create this way are based on a Navision-Template which contain some macros for e-mailing faxing or printing. Thus passing the appropriate macro with the /m command automatically starts the wanted behaviour in WinWord: CASE Dokument.“Winword Option” OF Dokument.“Winword Option”::“Wirte To File” : MakroName := ‘NavisionMischdatei’; Dokument.“Winword Option”::Print : MakroName := ‘NavisionPrint’; Dokument.“Winword Option”::“E-mail” : MakroName := ‘NavisionEMail’; Dokument.“Serienbrief Option”::FAX : MakroName := ‘NavisionFAX’; END; SHELL (WinWordPath + ’ /m’ + MakroName + ’ /t “’ + Dokument.Dokumentenname+’”’); Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872 private: biz:

With ZETAFAX you can put the ZETAFAX codes onto the Navision report and then it will use them for the addressing/fax information… and automatically remove them from the report before it is faxed. The codes are part of the ZETAFAX API. For email you can just use the mail codeunit and email to a contact from a request form you show or to the contact email/company email addresses.