HRMA (Request Approval)

Hi to all,

In HR, i’m trying to created a reuest for absence through Journal( for example User X is creating a request for taking Leave & sending for approval to User Y.

But after transferring ,it is getting reflected in Request Approval form Window (User Y is authorized for approval User X leave and Approval Form window.

Does anybody have HRM manul or any kind of documentation that help in understanding functionality.

Thank you

I am not in possession of any documentation and I am using Axapta 3.0

This is what you need to do.

  1. Setup absence approvers in the absence setup form.
  2. On the employee form under the employment tab select the approver for the employee.

An understanding of the unit in the absence setup is critical.

  • Select no period if you which to create journals in advance
  • Use month if you wish to set the date for transferring and closing absence
  • Calendar month will require the absence to be registered on a monthly basic. Journals must be closed and transmitted by the end of the month

Working time is used to tell if an absence should be specified in hour or days.

Hope this helps