HRM Employee details report- How can I display communication details

Hi all,

Now I am developing a employee inforamtion report. I want to display communication deatils like phone,email etc in my report.

I searched in DirECommunicationAddress,DirPartyECommunicationRelationship and EmplTablr, but I coudnt find any link between DirECommunicationAddress and EmplTable to display this inforamtion.

Can anyone suggest me how can I display these inforamtion in my Employee inforamtion report



Electronic addresses (such as fax, email etc) are stored in LogisticsElectronicAddress.

I believe ‘DirPerson’ table acts as bridge between the Employer (HcmWorker) and the above table. Please have a look at table relations of ‘DirPerson’ table.

Hi Harish,

Thanks for your reply but I dont belive I can find such tables in Dyncamics AX 2009.

I think Electronic adress are storing in DirEComunicationAddress and I couldnt find any relation with Employee table.

Can you please suggest me another solution.



Please ignore my earlier reply. Thought you are referring to DAX 2012. My Bad.

In AX 2009, please have a look at DirPartyECommunicationRelationship. I believe it connects EmplTable to DirECommunicationAddress.

Hi Harish,

Thanks for your reply but I couldnt find any relationhip between EmplTable and DirECommunicationAddress from DirPartyECommunicationRelationship table.

Can you please suggest me how can I solve this issue?


Hi Ishak,

I AX2009 PartyId is the Relation between EmplTable and DirPartyECommunicationRelationship tables, and ValuesRecId is the relation between DirPartyECommunicationRelationship and DirECommunicationAddress tables , so you can try this out.