HR Referral AX2012


I am learning about HR and i am trying to find anything in HR module that will be used for referral. Is it possible that there is no referral functionality in the hole HR module?

do you have any suggestion?

Please let me know, i looked everywehre and was not able to find it.

Thanks in advance.


I am assuming referral that you mean being able to track that an applicant was referred by a customer, staff member etc. You could use Media Types and Media to track this eg Media Type - Referral and Media Staff or Customer etc.


If you are referring to applicant referrals, then you can find this in Applicant form. in the menu, you will see Interviews, accommodations and referrals. In that referrals, you can enter either professional and personal contact.

Hello Rummy,

Is the referral functionality also present in AX 2009.