HR module


I am working on HR module of ax 2012. Can anybody tell me what does Veteran status in Worker setup mean?

Also, what is the use of financial dimension fast tab and annual gross compensation in Position Form?


I am transferring a worker from one job to another. I have marked the ‘retire position’ on the transfer worker form. After transferring, the worker is visible in both the positions.And for both the positions, the same worker is assigned.

While logically, if a worker is transfered to a new job/position, the former job should be vacant.

Plz help as it is very urgent!

Hi Manasi,

Veteran status means a person who has worked in the military or a person who knows well about the work.

Financial Dimensions are a cornerstone of Dynamic AX 2012’s ability to provide accurate analysis reports, summaries and key performance indicators (KPIs)

as far as the transfer of the worker, while transferring the worker did you select the new assignment as primary and also the assignment end date in the current assignment.