HR Module


Can any one help me to understand HR module and i want to understand how the process takes place in HR module and How can I do Customization. I am new in Ax so I want to learn HR module in Ax and how does HR module operates in Ax.

Thanks in advance for ur help.



The best way to learn using a forum is to ask a specific question about a problem you are having and I’m sure people would be willing to help.

There is an HR sub-group on here that I recommend you post HR related questions which may help you get answers to HR questions faster. The group is called Microsoft Dynamics AX HR.


Hi Himanshu

To Start with you can download PDFs from partner or customer source and start reading, then ask specific question related to process.

in that case one will be able to answer what you want.


Rajesh Kumar Sharma

Maybe start by actually working through the module using the manuals and any pdfs available, best way to learn is to get hands on in a DEV environment.

Your talking about customisation, at what level, table / form / reports ? All are done in the AOT anyway.

Just a tad generic.

Hi Hima,

Did you get thing on HR module… I am also interested in learning HR module… As well as I am new AX… Help me…

Actually unless you know something we don’t, no such manuals exist on partnersource. If you find them can you send us all a link!

WunderWaffe - Still looking for this PDF being spoken of… Link please.


Since Feb 2012 Im working as a technical consultant On AX-HRMS 2012 . I have one year experience on HRMS module alone

Even there is no specific PDF or document available in the partner source.

You can learn AX HRMS by your own interests and practice.

Compared than Ax 2009 HRMS Ax 2012 is very complicated and more features are there technical as well as functional.

Partnersource is updated every day, so you have to check and re-check if you are looking for something, like for example a manual on Human Resource Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R2 Course Number 80538