HR Module leave generator not generating some of the staff leave


Normally we will run the leave generator to generate the staff leave every month, by using * (wildcard) as the employee ID, but unfortunately some of the staff will be “skip” and no leave balance is generated. The newly generated leave allocation will not appear in Leave table, but when we check the “employee leave” table, the leave genrator has created the leave for that particular staff.

Please assist.

anyone? able to help on this?

It seems noone can help on this matter, and I can guess why. First of all, functionality you are referring to is definitely not international W1 version. And as far as I’m aware, none of the official Microsoft localizations have functions like “leave generator” or table “employee leave”. Although I may be wrong here, but it seems, you are dealing with some partner solution (and not a very popular one), or customization done specifically for your company.

And you don’t even give a hint, such as NAV release, which country version you are using, if there are any extensions installed, etc.