Howto export bus-layer


maybe a simple question. How can I export two specific applications (modules) from the bus layer?

I heard something about puting the applications into a project to export them…?

Are there any guidelines how to do things like that (exporting, importing, comparing exportfiles)?

thanx for help


Hi Harry

Which Product?

sorry - Dynamics AX 4.0 SP0


Creating a project for a specific layer / objects is relatively straight forward.

I hope you are familiar with creating a new project in Ax. Once you create a new project and open that in a separate window, please try the following -

  • Click on Advanced filter / sort icon (or hit Ctrl + F3)
  • A new form titled ‘Project filter’ will open (SysProjectFilter)
  • Click Select button
  • In the query window please select your objects. For ex. to use BUS layer, click the drop down box on the ‘utilLevel’ field.
  • Click Ok to confirm and click Ok again.

This should start creating the project with your selection.

Note - in the project filter form, you might want to group by AOT. This will create the project in the standard AOT way.

Hope this helps,


this was quite easy

But what, when I’d like to make a project including objects from bus AND dis layer only ?

I can’t write ‘bus and dis’. It doesn’t work :frowning:

I think I should make some job using dictTable and UtilElements, but I don’t know how to put element to a project from x++.

Any hint ?