Howlong before you stop saying Attain?

As you know it’s not allowed to use the word “Attain” anymore but howlong before you stop saying Attain?

I always called it ‘Navision’…[:D]

Our users sometimes call it… well, you better don’t ask [:D]

It was always Navision for me…I never accepted Axapta as a part of the product line anyway. I know…I know…

I suppose I’ll stop calling it Attain when the product itself has been renamed!!! (the splash screen in 3.60 still says Navision Attain).

I don’t know. As I have been working with various Navision-solutions since late 1980’ies I use theese names: Navigator (old text-version 1/2.xx from the 80’ies) Navision (the text-version 3.xx) Financials Attain Actually I still have customers on all products(!), so - easyer for me and my customers if I use the names mentioned :slight_smile:

Absolutely. Whatever versions you support, you have to call it by it’s relevant name! I assume the Attain part of the product name will be dropped with v3.70?!?!??!? Then it will be Microsoft Navision Version?


Originally posted by CMDunbar
… Then it will be Microsoft Navision Version? …

  • Microsoft Navision XP - Microsoft Navision 2003 - Microsoft Navision Small Office Version - Microsoft Navision Longhorn etc. [:D]