how you can get license

Dear All,

Please, can anyone tell me how can i get license

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What kind license you are looking for

Training licenses,Client License,Developer License ???



thanks amol

i know now the deference , i look for developer license , how can i get it

For developer license your company need to be MS partner

If you want to buy the developer licenses then Kindly contact your local partner for the same.

There is no such thing as a “Developer License”. Only “Development Granules”.

There are “Partner Licenses”, which are available only to authorized partners and not available for sale. These expire annually and are updated only if the partner remains in good standing. Mainly meaning they continue to meet the requirements of being a partner.

Then there are “End User Licenses”. These are the ones sold to NAV customers by NAV partners. A customer may choose to have the Development Granules added to this license for a fee. The amount of that fee depends on which granules are selected. The customer is not given a separate development license.

Now I’ve learned a lesson.