How would you deal with a gift certificate or pre-paid certificate?

We are adding an item to sales orders that is a “certificate” for free services. Each certificate has a serial number that the customer can enter into a website to redeem. We want to track this usage by serial number…would you create an RMA (return order) and have the customer “return” the certificate after it’s used?

What do you think the best way to store this is?

Can you explain the functionality in detail???

Our company sells online training services and physical training. To get access to the training, you need an access code that is purchased, and must call in to our call center. The way we are thinking we want to impliment this is by creating a manual, unique serialized item to attach to sales orders. We create a sales order to a distributor for the serialized item and then mail the “certificates” with redemption codes.

When the customer wants to redeem the code, they call our services reps who will check to make sure the serial has been actually sold out of inventory. We want to track when the serial number has been “used”. We were thinking of doing a return order for a different item with the exact same serial number, but a service item. Training and Training_Used (service) would be the two matching items.

Do you have a better idea of how to accomplish this?

Do you have Service Management as a part of your solution???

We do not have a license code for the service management module.

Can you tell the financial implications in this process???

I’m not sure, but I can find out if it’s something specific. Financially, I think they’re just going to sell a physical item (printed certificate), and then return a $0 service item to track it being used…unless there is a better or more correct way.

Without Service Agreement this functionality can not be used. but in case it is required to you then the way you have told can be used. but while using that serial number it should have another customised form for details of use as it does not have any financial implication. and that table will have reference to serial number of that item. so, anytime report can be generated.

You can also Do it as Follow,

When you Sell Certificate with Unique Serial No, just do Packing Slip, but When Customer Calls Back for the Training, do Invoicing, so You can Find what has Exactly Consumed on Sales order, You can Also Find Serial Number from Sales Line when Customer Calls. so that You can have Track what are the Serial numbers which are exhausted. and for payment You can Collect all payment in advance Against the Delivery.

Check if it Works for You.