How will get different Form Note purchase order confirmation Report ?

I Have one requirement one of my client .

we need different Form note on different purchase order report .

I already set up the form note(/Procurement and sourcing>>setup>>Form note) it is coming fine , but my client requirement is they want Formnote Menuitembutton on the Purchase header form and as well as PurchTableListPage . whenever they will click the "form note "menuitem button on Purchase Header Form ,then form note should open and User will enter some text + Formnote text should come . I added Menuitem button Purchase Header form it opening fine .but whenver we entering the text it is reflecting in the FormNote (Which we setup on Procurement and sourcing>>setup>>Form note). we dont want change the FormNote Text . It Should change only Purchase Header Form.

Form notes are not order specific. They are specific to document type and document status.

For this purpose, you can use a custom field/table.