How we can print multiple copies of Sales Invoice in MorphX report


We are trying to print Sales invoice (not standard report)report in multiple copies at a time like 1.Original Copy for buyer 2.Duplicate for Transporter 3.Extra copy at the upper right header of the printout.

Using element.printJobSettings().copies(3) it’s fine to take 3 prints, but stuck with how to print above mentioned three header points on report.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried to use the print management? It has footer text.…/dd309731.aspx

Yes Kranthi we have tried with print management but it shows only 2 copies as we required at least 3 copies and as you say that it has footer text.
Is there any setup/functionality/X++ code to achive the exact requirement(header text).

You can define more than 2 copies in the print management.
You can only setup the footer text, but you can modify the report to show it on the header level.

Any idea to modify the report to show it on the header level. Any sample code please.

Look at the standard sales invoice report. It will be having a control to show the footer text from print management. Use the similar logic to show it on the header.

Hello Kranthi,
One more thing is we have stuck with is that how to add new morphex report to print management.
AR → Setup → Forms → Form Setup → Print Management.
We can see only standard reports there and don’t no how to add the new report there.

This white paper will help you,…/confirmation.aspx