how we can get result as reverse filter in c\al

suppose a table conatins records 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

and i have records in other table like 1,3,4,5

then it is easy to get records from main table 1,3,4,5 by using filter function or setrange function…

but i want to get result set from main table like 2,6,7,8,9,10. is there any function to get these type of result or i have to write the logic for it ?

assume that table which contain all records is main table and remaining as sub table.
take variable = Filter type text

create a function MyGetfilter() return value = text


filter := filter + ‘&< > ’ + subRec.code +’&’;
until( = 0);
if(filter < > ‘’) then
filter := copystr(filter, 2);

u need to call the above code in page



output := output + code + ‘,’;

until(next =0)

just try it once
thank you


I don’t think there is a direct function for this. But you can loop through the second table inside main table loop and mark the records in main table which are not matching with the record in second table

You could create a flowfield in the main table of type Exist looking up if a record in the subtable exists. Then simple setrange the flow field = false. Then the result set will be the records without a sub-record.

In the new NAV versions it will even create a single SQL join statement so the performance might be ok.

i also done with same logic… thanks