how we can create single purchase order from multiple request for quotes in ax 2012

I created one request for quote for multiple items for multiple vendors, at the same way i created another request for quote for multiple vendors for multiple firsrt RFQ i acept one vendor name is xxxx number is 001,and second RFQ i acept same vendor number is 001 .remaining all are rejected .now my question is it possible to create single purchase order for multiple RFQs because vendor is same in two RFQs but items are changed

Hi Govardhan, am afraid such option doesn’t exist in AX. Consolidation of PR exists but no consolidation of RFQs. By accepting, system will create PO on the spot. We did customization to one of our client tht - same as released approved PRs, we created Released accepted RFQs where we park all the accepted RFQs instead of creating PO immediately. From there, POs can be generated. As client wants the RFQs also to be tracked per PO line, though there are same items with diff qty, in the generated PO, two lines with the same part code but with different qty will get created. As client is fine, for us easy to customize in tht way.

Its upto the user.

Regards, Elmer.

I agree with Elmer, you do not have the option to raise a consolidated POs from RFQ. Customization suggested by Elmer is a good option. (only if the number of cases are high).