How we can add custom Lookup on Morphx Report Dialog Box?

Basically, my requirement is like these. I have a Morphx repoprt when we open these report , a dialog box will open. Which have Four field

a) From Date b) To Date c) Customer Group d) Customer Account

Basically, i want when we select Customer Group (For ex. 10 ), so only customer which are under these customer group are shown in Customer Account Field… Please remember i want these customization only on Morphx report. In SSRS Report or Excel Report i achieved these customization…

For that customization you can use class.

What’s your version of AX? Please always attach a tag with your version (e.h. AX 2009) when creating a new thread.

Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 R3 (Cumulative Update 10)

How we can use class for that customization, can you explain it ???. I’m also think that we create a dialog class which have same four field and on these class we also add customized lookup but i don’t know how we can use these dialog class on my report.

So, if you have any feasible solution so explain it???

Why are you trying to develop a MorphX report in AX 2012? It’s a dead, deprecated technology, existing in AX 2012 only to allow you to rework your old MorphX reports to SSRS. MorphX reports don’t exist in AX 7 anymore, so anything you would do today would be lost during the next upgrade.

Thanks for reply Martin

But please tell me my requirement is feasible/possible or not for customization???

You should move it to SSRS report and it is possible in SSRS report with the help of UI builder class.

i know i,m done these customization in SSRS Report (Using UI Builder Class ) as well as Excel Report ( Basically add Look up method and overide lookup method by using these line
// _CustAcc.registerOverrideMethod(methodStr(FormStringControl, lookup), methodStr(CustomerTranscation, lookupCustAcc), this); // )
But that time i need to do these customization on morphx Report. So if you have any kind of help for me then share it …

You see that dialogs in AX 2012 supports it, so it would be possible. But it doesn’t matter, because MorphX reports are not supported anymore. Don’t use them.


Please find that xpo i done this type of requirement previously and understood how it function and do it as same.

Hello Martin…

you say that these customization is possible. So please share if you have any idea how we can achieve these customization then tell me…

I still don’t know why you8 insist on wasting your time with developing a solution on a deprecated and unsupported technology that you’ll have to throw away?
What’s the point? Why should you and I spend even a minute of our time with it? It’s wrong thing to do.

Thanks Ganesh

But i have a dought , how we can retrieve data from form to filter my data…

can you explain me clearly?

and clearly observed that xpo and how i am passing the parameters from form to report.


i seen your xpo but i cant understand how you can retrive parameter from form and how data is filtered basis on the given parameters…

dialog = Dialog::newFormnameRunbase(formstr(B2B_IndentGenerationReportForm), sysReportRun.runbaseReport());

form will be called but parameters which are passes on form dialog field how we can get it…

Try to understand that

after then create these methods in form

  1. class declaration

public class FormRun extends ObjectRun


Object sysReportRun;

RunBaseReport runBaseReport;


  1. init

public void init()



runBaseReport = element.args().caller().runbase();

sysReportRun = runBaseReport.reportRun();


  1. create run base

public RunBase runbase()


return element.args().caller().runbase();


  1. create closeok

public void closeOk()



if (runBaseReport.checkCloseDialog())





  1. create a parm method

//BP Deviation Documented

public edit B2B_IndentReportGenerationOnlyDraf editPOStatusDialog(

boolean _set,

B2B_IndentReportGenerationOnlyDraf _poStatusDialog)


if (_set)




return sysReportRun.parmPOStatusDialog();


drag and drop the edit method in form group

In report:

Create these methods in report copy paste from that xpo

  1. pack

  2. unpack


dialog = Dialog::newFormnameRunbase(formstr(B2B_IndentGenerationReportForm), sysReportRun.runbaseReport());

B2B_IndentGenerationReportForm this is form name replalce your form name their

  1. create parm method

public B2B_IndentReportGenerationOnlyDraf parmpoStatusDialog(B2B_IndentReportGenerationOnlyDraf _poStatusDialog = poStatusDialog)


poStatusDialog = _poStatusDialog;

return poStatusDialog;


that’s it

Don’t think to much it is very simple try to understand the code. Know how its working.



Hi Mayuri,

Hope the following link is helpful for you

Overriding method for a control in dialog (RunBase framework)

Custom lookup for Dialog fields in Axapta

First of all thanks Ganesh for your help

I will try to implement my requirement according to your concept its almost work , but i’m getting an error when we run the report

A DialogStartGrp group is missing from the form DialogForm. In this group dialog controls are added.