how we can access the navision dump from sql server

actually we need to acces the data of navison database from sql server. we take the backup of the navision database .we have that dump file how to put that dump into sql server . that process we have to know

Hey Santosh,

First,U have to create a new database in your finsql,after creating your database, RESTORE the backup into navision.Then you can able to access your data through navision as well as sql enterprise manager.I think this is correct answer for your thread




You also could directly access the “native” (?) NAV Database from your SQL Server, using the N/ODBC driver: there you could add the native DB as “Linked Server” and query directly the data.

Unfortunately this option is somewhat limited and not performing well, but it’s an option … [:|]




Can you please tell me how to create Navision native database as linked server in SQL server?I have intalled NODBC and I got strucked in adding as linked server.