How to write jobs

Hi All ,

I don’t know ? How to write a job in Ax …When two or more table are compared and after comparing how to write a job.I got stuck with SSRS report. where on process report.I need to write…

I don’t want to my requirement.I need generally to write Jobs in ax. you take any form …how much tables it comes…no matter.Any body who knows it please guide me as soon as possible.

please explain more

Ren, You can 4 or 5 tables from any module. You have to bring out the values from the table and it should be populated on a report. I do know to write DP class,Contract class, UI Builder class. but in the DP on ProcessReport method…

the code I don’t to know on a job… which can fetch the result similarily on a report.

even if it is…only column is displaying the values… rest of the values in the tables is not displaying the result on SSRS report.

the thing is because I don’t know to write on a job …by looking the details between the two or more table and compare it and retrieve it to the report.

I can understand the required…but when it come coding it more difficult to write it. But i need to learn it well.

If you have skype id.please do send me …I will show show that.

please put the table and field you want to show, i will help you with a test code for a job

If your report must containg data from a few table you can use DP(Data Provider Class) so could you please give example and ı will help you for write process report methot for your SSRS report