How to view financial statement report by deparment wise?


My requirement is need to view General Ledger module → financial statement and ledger transaction list report by selected department wise.

Important thing is select department report should be viewed by related department manager only.

eg: IT Department(financial & ledger transaction report) view only IT manager not others.

Is it possible to acheive or give security in AX 2009?

If any one knows pls reply ASAP

By using dimension set you can group the transactions by department dimension and to restrict the data across departments you can use the XDS to achieve this. Please check the following.

Hi Kiran,

Thanks for your reply. But i think XDS scurity is not avaialable in ax 2009. am working in aX 2009…

Yes, Solved the issue by using RLS(Record level security). But financial statement is not easy to assign security like other modules. :slight_smile:


Oops! Sorry I haven’t observed the version. Anyways RLS is what you should be using on AX2009. Nice that you solved it :slight_smile: