How to use time of year (season) to re-direct to different G/L accounts

Any suggestions for how to direct Sales Revenue, Sales Discounts, etc. to different G/L accounts based on a time of the year / season? (for other reasons they want to keep the separate G/L accounts). Lots of items & majority only sell in 1 season, but some cross seasons & would need to be changed based on date actual ship/invoice transaction occurs. Trying to avoid fixing manually on Sales ship/invoice transaction…

A better solution would be to use Dimensions. This way the numbers all go into the same account (keeps the G/L structure clean) and can be split into the seasonal breakdown.

For Items that only sell in a single season, set a default Dimension for the season.

For Items that sell in multiple seasons, no default dimension. Set the Dimension as Required on the G/L Account so the User must input the Season prior to being able to post the transaction.

I would reach out to your BC partner for more information on how to structure this to accomplish your goals.

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Ben Baxter
Accent Software Inc

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Thanks Ben - They’re parent co. won’t handle the Dimensions, so they need to keep the G/L accounts split. Was hoping there is a way to fully automate using dates/seasons. However, doing something similar to what you suggest for Dimensions, but with Posting Groups would be an improvement.