How to use the website: Rating

Dear members,

One of the main purposes of this community is provide forum where users can help other users. A forum where members can ask questions and other members can ask. And doing it online here in the forums, as opposed to doing it in a regular email or instant messenger or even by phone, is that the questions and answers are saved here, so that other members can benefit from it also.

I have explained about the member point system in another post (you can follow the tag below if you want to see other posts about this).

On of the features we have is to “RATE” a post. I will to receive what I wrote about this before:


Changed from our previous setup is that you now get more points based on how your post (Forum, Blog og Download File) has been rated.

And in order to get more members to Rate, the rater will also get points each time he/she is rating a posts. It’s also QUALITY that a members is taking the time to rate another members post, even if they rate it as not so good (you can rate a post as: Poor, Fair, Average, Good or Excellent). For each star you are giving, then more points the post gets. You don’t get any points for rating your own posts!

I would like to ask you all to rate the post you read. It doesn’t take much time. And rate even if you find the post good or not so good. You can rate both the forum posts, blog entries or downloads (or photos). And remember for each post you rate, you are awarded 5 points just to rate another member, as we think it’s just as important to know what’s good and what’s not so good here. Including know what members contribute the most.