how to use the inventory batch attributes & batch disposition in dynamic ax 2012?


i’m dynamic ax 2012 user :slight_smile:

i got questions about the inventory batch attributes and batch disposition!

  1. first, i want to know how to use the inventory batch attributes and batch disposition?

actually, i can’t distinguish two menu’s diffrence…

please, tell me two ways dirffence and direction including the example.

  1. it occured an error in the movement tap…

a) i entered inventory and warehouse management module > journals > item transactions > movement,

b) i clicked and created new button, and difined name and lines…

c) in the journal lines, inventory, i also entered date, item number, quantity, cost price and site.

d) and i clicked the inventory in the menu, and then i clicked the registration.

e) in the registration form, i clicked the batch details.

f) and then, i clicked the inventory batch attributes.

g) in the inventory batch attributes form, i clicked the new button,

  • in here, i found the error… i definately created attributes… but it was not appeared in the form…

i tried and tried… but, i can’t find any mistake… what did i wrong?

please tell me…

i wait your help! thank you!


You need to associate the created attributes with the Item for which you are making a transaction.

Select the particular item in the Item master → Open the Manage Inventory Tab → Product specific. Attach the attributes here then try making transactions.