How to use the field from other table in sales order and carried it to posted invoice.

Hello everyone, i need your help. Let me explain.

In order to create a new description field for use in my own sales invoice & credit memo report, i created a new field named d****escription 3 (Text, Length 30) in Item Table, Sales Line Table, Sales Invoice Line Table, and Sales Cr.Memo Line Table.

The questions are:

  1. How to make description 3 field auto fill. I want everytime i insert Item No. in sales order, description 3 field filling itself according to value in description 3 field in item table just like the native description field did.
  2. After i posted my sales order, description 3 field in sales invoice line table are empty even if i filled description 3 earlier when i created the sales order. Did i do wrong ? is there some missing procedure here ? or, is there any code i need to add in codeunit 80 ?
    Kindly, please help me.

make sure that Field ID’s are same for Description 3 field in Sales Line Table, Sales Invoice Line Table, and Sales Cr.Memo Line Table

For your First Question you need to write code on onValidate trigger of No Field in Sales Line Table


Where can i see this field id ? I have already use the same field no. in every table i mentioned above, and still no luck.


What code should i use on OnValidate trigger ?

In Table 37 - No. Onvalidate trigger

Check for below code

Description := Item.Description;
“Description 2” := Item.“Description 2”;


“Description 3” := Item.“Description 3”;

Thanks everyone. It works.