How to use the command for CommandButton

Hi everyone,

I am handling the commandbutton for the first time, and I found a variety of choices like

Home: 4403

New: 260

Company: 276

Document handling: 2853*

Actually, I am trying to fix why the ‘Document handling: 2853*’ configured for an existing button is not working. So, my questions are :

-1- Is there a document describing the effect when choosing a certain command?

-2- Is there a way to see the source code being called when triggering a certain command?

-3- Can I create the logic for a new command and let it be selectable for a new command button?

Thank you,


Did you find answers ??
Because i have the same questions…

I’m not aware of any good documentation. The button can do all kind of actions. This includes opening some main forms and do all kind of keyboard simulations.
The list of options as Command is very large. Are you looking for a particular command or task to do?

As Kwen mentioned… I’m wondering how this command work… And if it’s possible to add own command which would be changed New command…

I think it is handled by the kernel.

The operation specified in the properties of the button is invoked. It is kernel implemented, so you won’t be able to see the code behind
on OK the closeOK would be called on the form. on Cancel - closeCancel, etc.