how to use text box as combo box?

how to set the property of textbox, that display like combo box.

when click on combo box then it open relative forms.

i want a combobox that display paymnet line on sale invioce Form, when click on payment line combo box, it should open the payment line form.

When i try to make text box into combo box, then is shows me the followin error. I set the source expression propery. but it show as text box, but not as

combo box.

Please give me with some example code.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

‘<ENU=Payment No. %;ENG=Payment No. %>’ is not an option.

The existing options are:


Not sure I understand. If you want a combo box why not just select the combo box from the tools bar in designer?

Smnehal not sure what your problem is but… comboBox?, there is no control called this way on the toolbox. For options to be displayed just use a textbox which SourceExpr property is a field of DataType “Option”, automatically a combobox is displayed with the options.

To use another field that depends of the first Option field, maybe it’s enough with a Flowfield… for example take a look to the Sales Line table, where the No. field depends of the value of Type field.

Hope it helps

Are you telling about Payment line on Invoice form as an example of what you want to accomplish or… what?

Combobox doesn’t exists in Navision, but on the invoice form many field (payment method and payment terms included) work as if they were. This is accomplished by defining a table relation on the invoice header TABLE (not on the form) for the fields you want to be displayed that way. Navision does the rest by itself.

I was thinking list box - my bad

Ok It’s possible.

You define an option variable where option String properties containes value (,spring,summer)…

And after map the source property of the text box with this option…


Hi Smnehal,

Combobox are not in Navision, however in some cases like invoices you can accomplish them by defining a table relation on the invoice header TABLE (not on the form) for the fields you want to be displayed that way.After that Navision takes the control of it own, i hope that will be benificial for you, if you have any queries please feel free to contact me at my email id .


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you can define a static combo box where value cannnot change dynamicly… Put an Input Text witn a Source of option variable… It’s works with NAV 4.3 SP2…

Sorry for my english…