How to use RecordRef, FieldRef, KeyRef

Hello In Attain 3.6 Navision gives us some new big C/SIDE features RecordRef, FieldRef and KeyRef which allows dynamic assignment to table, fields and keys on runtime. This gives many new possibilities. Does anybody know how this new commands would work like are there any code example or objects (fob) to download. I’m aware with the text about it in the Navision online help but there are no sample code, so this does not really help me how to apply this commands. Many thanks in advance for your help Marcel Meier Real Soft AG CH-4132 Muttenz Switzerland

Check out codeunit 423 (Change Log Management).

Hello Jack Many Thanks for your help. I did this (check Code Unit 423), study the online help and try out the commands to learn how they would work like. Best regards Marcel