How to use price multiiplication factor in trade agreement ax 2012 R2

Dear All,

I have a scenario in which ItemA has price say USD 10. And i want to set vendor trade agreement such that it stores a price multiplication factor of (1.5) for Vendor X supplying ItemA. So that when PO for Item A is created for Vendor X, po line shall show item price 10 * 1.5 = 15 USD.

Can i achieve this using trade agreement or any other possible way.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Faisal,

Put this price 15 USD in the ‘Amount in Currency’ feild of Trade Agreement to achieve this calculation of Multiplication Factor. Now if you raise a PO for 5 items then it will come as 5*15 USD=75 USD which is according to your needed expectation.

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Parashar Banerjee

Thanks Parashar for your quick response.

The method you said will essential set price to USD 15 in trade agreement.
But i want to set multiplication factor as a variable in trade agreement and NOT HARD CODED price. Do u think it is possible? if yes, how?

No that is not possible as the trade agreement (price) holds the price.


I have some suggestions that you might wish to consider, but it also depends ‘if’ the unit price (cost price) from the supplier is fixed for a period or fluctuates

Fluctuating unit / cost price – Trade agreements at line discount level

[1] To use trade agreements it would require you to enter a negative discount percentage that represents the uplift factor. Standard AX2012, does not allow for negative discounts within the trade agreement journal … however … as per a previous blog I found, this can be achieved with help from a developer by changing the extendable data type DiscPct to allow negatives. (Its an option, but not necessary the correct option)

Fixed unit / cost price for a defined period

[2] Create a purchase agreement for the supplier … ‘if’ the cost of the item is fixed for a defined period, then this cost (unit price) can be entered and within the purchase agreement a negative discount percent can also be entered that represents your uplift factor. You can then use this purchase agreement when creating purchase orders.

Thanks Martin for your valuable suggestion, In my case unit price is fluctuating and i considered to use Line disc (purch) to set negative discount and gives me msg “Negative value are not allowed”. As per your suggestion, I will consider changing data type of discount field to allow negative and i think it is workable.

Can you please give me URL of the blog thread you mentioned in your post, so that i checkout the discussion.



Hi …

I found this in reference to negative discounts

It’s not exactly your issue, but does open up possiblilties



Thanks martin for providing link requested, i appreciate.



Thanks Martin… your idea worked… i set Allow Negative = True for Discount percentage field (i.e. DiscPct). Next i created a trade agreement for itemX supplied by vendor Y and set -10% as percentage discount. Now when i create PO, AX automatically calculate item unit price using base price X multiplication factor (i.e. (100 X -10% = -10 )= 100 -10 = 110).

Thanking you all.

Regards, Faisal