How to use pictures from outside the database?

My task is to make Navision show Pictures, which are not saved in a database (BLOB) but are in a special folder. Zhe only way I know is to use HYPERLINK to open .bmp’S for example, but they open in an extern program as paint. I would like to have them show in a card-type form! HAllo, ich bin Praktikant und soll Bilder in so eine Karteiform stellen. Aber die dürfen nicht in der TAbelle als BLOB gespeichert sein, sondern sollen verlinkt werden! Vielen Dank im Voraus

Sounds good, but can you give me more exact instructions? I’m working with NF since two weeks. That is the situation: My Form contains a picture box. I think I have to put sth. into the sourceexpr Property. I created 9 small bmp-files to test. c:\temp\1.bmp … 9.bmp There is another table including a column (spalte?) called “homepage”, there is the link to the picture as text. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Ok, I have it. As there is no column in my source table, which can contain blobs, i created a new table wioth only one column. This contains my blob. I import it in the onaftergetrecord trigger. [table].[column].IMPORT([path as text from another field] Last Question: How can I prevent a crash when an invalid path is in the field?