How to Use OR condition in executeQuery()

Hi ,

I am having a Table which contain 3 Date field i.e 1>WeekDate, 2> HourDate, 3> MeterDate.
Same way i am using this table in Form with single datasoruce. I have to Filter the Table Datas by giving From date and To date control.

in the executeQuery how to get the QBDS value as given below like SQL Statement…

select * from Table where ( (Table.WeekDate >= FromDate.dateValue() && Table.WeekDate <= ToDate.dateValue()) ||
(Table.HourDate >= FromDate.dateValue() && Table.HourDate <= ToDate.dateValue()) ||
(Table.MeterDate >= FromDate.dateValue() && Table.MeterDate <= ToDate.dateValue()) );

Thanks in Advance

Use the extended query syntax, as described in Expressions in query ranges.

Thanks a lot Mr.Martin Drab, Its working Great…