How to use one extension for two Country/Region without modify the fields.

Hi everyone,

I have created a app for UK and Denmark. But I found some of the field in table are different. I have created some pages and expose as web service to return information for sales order and posted sales invoice. But When I build through UK and create the app. I found I couldn’t install this app in Denmark environment. I guess could use the field only apear in both of UK and DK.

1.But I was wondering is that possible to support UK and DK at same time without delete the conflict fields?

2.I’m trying to write the the conflict fields as local variable and choose or assign value for these local variable based on the Country/Region information from the environment that the extension installed. Is that possible to get the Country/Region information dynamically?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. What is the error do you receive?

I think it is not possible to help you without your code [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

Exactly what error do you get when you try to install it?

Whenever you have an extension supposed to work in two different versions, then you should start with the W1 version. Then if i.e. you’re adding a new field to a page, then it’s important whatever control you “link” (addbefore/after etc) your field to, is present in both localizations.

And to prevent that you fieldname exists, then a good thing is to use your suffix/prefix on all tables and fields.

The reason why it had problem to install the UK app to Denmark environment is because “Field A” in UK are not presented in DK table. If I change to DK table reference, it will field not found error as well. I also don’t want to remove the conflict fields. So, we decide to create two separate app for these two locations.

Thank you for your replying. Do you know how could I get the W1 version. I always use the reference form the Docker VM or Online sandbox.

You get the W1 image the same way as other images:

and then either /sandbox or /onprem.