How to use NAV 2013 Limited User?

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I have separate license for Nav 2013 Limited user.I have kept one windows login in Limited User (License Type) and posted one payment journal by using the General Journal.It is posted successfully.By using Limited User,G/L Entries must not be inserted…Please tell me the steps for using the Limited User in NAV 2013.

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Baba Guru.

Kindly tell me the steps for using the Limited User…

You can use the limited user license just like the “standard” full user license. The exception is that the limited user only allows write access to a maximum of named 3 tables plus a number of “included tables” such as comment tables, contacts, time sheets etc. (all are listed in appendix a of the Dynamics ERP Perpetual Licensing Guide.

In the current version of NAV 2013 there is no way to setup which 3 tables a user should be allowed to access. It’s based on a trust, and Microsoft expects their partners to make sure that their customers use the limited user license correctly or buy full users. This is expected to change in one of the next releases of Dynamics NAV.