How to Use Native Language in Report

I am from Nepal. I want to use Nepali language in Report. Can anyone help me how to use nepali font in Report.

Hi Sandeep,

First you need to add language captions, the so-called CaptionsML (multi-language) to your report. Here you add NEP (Nepali) and the text you want to use.This is done in the Classic part of the report designer, not in Visual Studio.

I assume that you don’t have a localized version of NAV in Nepali. If the report is printing field captions (“field names”) taken from the table and not already in the report, then you need to add the NEP caption to the fields in those tables also. So if the report is using the customer table, then you need to add it to the customer table using the table designer. You can also add it directly to the report, but then you need to include the English captions also, otherwise you cannot change language.

NAV would normally always print the report using the CaptionML matching the language code used by the NAV client. So if your NAV client is running US-English then it will print in US-English, unless you change it in the code. This can be done on the fly, like in the sales invoice where it is set to print based on which language code your customer has (CurrReport.LANGUAGE := Language.GetLanguageID(“Language Code”):wink: or you can set it in the InitReport section for the whole report.


You must first install the nepali fonts in the client and server machines.

you may download them from

and then you shud give the font name property in the report textbox properties… for classic and RTC separately.

for example Himali could be given in the font name property fo the textbox… after u install that font.

let me know how it goes…