how to use Job module for this?

We are implementing navision in airline company. They need to see all revenues and costs per flight (OM223-Travel136) within Route (OM223). Can Flight No. be a one job? Problem is Job has only one bill to customer. But per flight, different types of revenue earned and for each type more than one customer should be billed to. How can I accumulate all revenue and all costs to one Job? Or can we relate sales and purchase, or journal entries to one JOB and then have a report on profitability of flight? Please help…

Why not add two columns - Route Number and Flight number? This way when you each flight on each route has a set list of costs which can be assigned. When you enter a cost you not only enter the job task but also the route number and flight number. This way you can pull out reports by route or by flight or by task or any combination of these. Ian

Thank Ian for reply. If i follow your suggestion, point is that i cannot bill those job task or planning lines to different customers.