How to use hotkey like Shift+Tab to run automatically after execution of certain C/AL Code.

Hi Experts,

I tried to find any code which will run Hot Keys automatically, I have looked so many automation variable like Mscorlib or System. I want to execute Shift+Tab to go back to the previous control. In Nav 2019 R2 and previous version we can control the cursor by defining the parent control detail but after nav2013 in pages how we can control the cursor position in NAV2013 and later.My one of senior collleague suggest me to use hotkeys which can be done by automation variable.

Have you tried System.Windows.Forms.SendKeys DotNet (RunOnClient=Yes)?

SystemWinForms.SendKeys('+{TAB}'); // + is for Shift key

See this , May be you can get an idea and do of your own…/