how to use FIND

Hello! I’m trying to use FIND to find a specific record in a table. It’s like this i have a table full of serial numbers, now i get a requested serial number in a variable and then i was trying to use FIND to find this serial in that table so i wouldn’t need to use WHILE loop and go through all records. I’m not sure that this is even possible to do with FIND. Please Help… lp john

If the serial number is the primary key, as it seems to be, then you want to use GET instead of FIND, ie: rec.GET(’[serial number]’) With FIND it would be rec.SETRANGE(“Serial No.”,’[serial number you want]’); rec.FIND(’-’); IS that any help?

Or rec.“Serial No.” := ‘[serial number you want]’; rec.FIND; Paul Baxter

Thank you for solving this problem for me lp john