How to use due date to auto post payment using vendor payment method code and not the purchase invoice posting date

When using payment method code for vendors its cool that it will auto post and apply payments based on the pre set balance account. The issue is the posting date of the payment is the same as the purchase invoice date. I need it to auto post using the due date. Thanks!


This is not possible out-of-the-box. You could write an customization/extension to change the Posting Date insertion from the Document Date to the Due Date. I would offer up another solution…You are using Payment Method to auto-post the Balancing Account when the Posted Invoice is transacted. If you change the Payment Method to NOT have a balancing account and use the Payment Journal - Suggest Vendor Payments, you pull into the Journal all the Payments by Due Date and when you post the Journal it will post using TODAY’s date or the Posting Date of your choosing. I am not sure the reason behind having the auto-post use the Due Date but these are some options.

One other note, if the Due Date relates to an auto-debit from the Bank occurring and that is why you want Due Date, in BC you have the Bank Service to import the Bank Statement into Payment Reconciliation Journal to auto-apply and post the payment against the invoice.

Hope this helps.