How to use change log for all transactions in every object for a incremental Data Warehouse loading?

Hi, i want to use the change log for all triggers (insert,modify, rename, delete) and i should also work when this triggers are called from a report, dataport or codeunit. The standard change log document only changes which are made from a form. Is it possible to change the change log functions, so that i have a full history of every transaction of table? This could be useful for me because the table 405 - “Change Log Entry” would be a great source for a incremental Data Warehouse loading - Thanks in advance


it is not possible to change the change log functionality as you want. But it is possible to get such information from SQL (if NAV is running on SQL).

If you want to log all changes, prepare for a DB that will grow very fast!

Hi Viktoras, sounds great - How can i manage this with SQL?

Sorry Juergen - I don’t know how to do it exactly. I only know that on SQL there are posibilities to track all changes (made by user or by program).

I will build my own change log table and include it with my own functions into the insert / modify / rename / delete triggers of the tables. Or has anybody else an better idea?

If you need that only for one (or few) tables, you can do that. But you have also to check if there no Inserts, Modifies, Deletes or Renames without true parameter - if there are such, it will not go to trigger.

Hi Viktoras, thanks for info - i know - this will be a lot of work…

Hi, to find all the insert(false), modify(false), delete(false) and rename(false) statements - i have extracted all objects in text files. I use “InfoRapid Search & Replace” from - it is the fastest full text search program which i now. Maybe this information is useful for you.


In the Codeunit 1, there are 4 very useful functions for you : OnGlobalInsert, OnGlobalModify, OnGlobalDelete, OnGlobalRename. Those functions are called for each trigger for every table (used by the Change Log Program). So, you can implement your own functionnality here.

Hope it could help,

Please bear in mind that the change log in Navision, only logs user entered changes from the form. Any changes done by batch jobs or coding will not be recorded in the change log.

I find this a big pain in the a-hole. As I have customers reporting bugs that cannot be reproduced. In such cases, enabling the changelog even for modification done by coding can be very useful. As we can then analyse what the user have changed or done that may have caused the bug.