How to use Application Server?

Hi all I’ve currently looking at the NAS(Application Server) and how to use it. As far as I can see, it’s only possible to call codeunits and database objects throught the Application Server. It this corrent? My intention was to call a dataport to import some data into a journal and afterwards post the journal by calling a report handling the posting routines. Is this possible, and does anyone have a how-to guide? Thanks in advance. Michael

I haven’t used it myself, but it seems that you should just write a codeunit to call the dataport and report you want and call that codeunit throught the application server.

Hi. A very brief explanation: Start NAS with Your own Startup Parameter. Take care of that parameter in the CASE-statement in Codeunit 1 (Function NASHanlder or something like that). From there You can go whereever You want. Start imports, post journals and so on.

You cannot call dataports externally with NAS. Only Table, Reports and CodeUnits. So my suggestion is to create an direct export (FILE.Read/Write etc.) in a codeunit. Often this is also faster than using DataPorts.

Warning when using it though. If you get any errors they will show up in the Event Log. If you get any errors or messages that the user needs to interact with it will crash.

Hello. The only way to access tables, reports and codeunits is using the Application server? Best regards